Forever | Voal cu scris brodat 250 cm


500,00 lei

Voal de mireasa cu scris brodat, lungime 250 cm. Poarta-l la o rochie simpla, minimalista.

Preturile reduse din categoria Sample Sale sunt valabile doar pentru modelele expuse in Showroom, in general cate o singura marime din fiecare, in limita stocului disponibil.


Realizat din tulle foarte fin


Se prinde in par cu pieptene atasat

Brodat in atelierul nostru cu urmatorul citat:

“He is more myself than I am.
Whatever our souls are made of,
his and mine are the same.
If all else perished and he remained,
I should still continue to be,
and if all else remained,
and we were annihilated,
the universe would turn
to a mighty stranger.
He’s always, always in my mind;
 not as a pleasure to myself,
but as my own being”



Additional information

Custom lenght and embroidery

Please contact us for you custom embroidered veil!


250 cm


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